Chiara Ferragni Age, Body Stats,Net Worth, Bio,Career,Wiki, Parents


Chiara Ferragni is a powerful Italian fashion blogger, influencer, and designer. She has partnered with design magnificence marks through her blog The Blonde Salad to create new products for consumers who love the site’s content on beauty tips as well as inspiring outfit ideas.

Chiara Ferragni Age, Body Stats,Net Worth, Bio,Career,Wiki, Parents

Her date of birth is 07 May 1987 in Cremona Italy but currently lives between Milan where she runs consulting agency CLMGroup; London where she manages social media campaigns at AGE International Communications Ltd.; Singapore because that’s her home base while juggling motherhood (and working).Chiara Ferragni age is 34 years.


With the success of her design blog, Ferragni began to create artwork that represents both fashion and art. In 2011 New York presented “One Of The Greatest Breakout Road Style Stars Of The Year” for having more than one million followers on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter with only 2 years experience in designing clothing!

Chiara Ferragni Age, Body Stats,Net Worth, Bio,Career,Wiki, Parents

In addition to making a name online as an influencer by posting pictures from events, such as the Coachella festival every weekend wearing designer outfits she also attended college full time while working three jobs including being a part-time event planner helping other people enjoy life through their passions which led them to find.

Chiara Ferragni is a popular Italian fashion blogger and model. She has worked with brands like Guess, Steve Madden Co., H&M, Alyx Design Lab among others to promote their products through social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook. In December 2013 she launched her own shoe line called “Chiara Fergam Collection” which sold $8 Million worth of shoes in 2014 alone! As if that isn’t enough Success for this ambitious entrepreneur ́C two months ago Chiara became front cover girl VOGUE Espana making history by becoming only the 2nd Designer Blogger ever featured on any April issue spread equaling 5 times more than previous record-holder Yolanda Foster (Christian Louboutin).




 MAY 7, 1987















Chasing her dream of designing for the ice, Chiara Ferragni began expanding to different platforms. Her one-of-a-kind clothing has helped shape how we think about fashion internationally and crave new trends in just over two years’ time!

In 2017 alone she was picked by none other than Fernando Garcia (an athlete) as well as Olympics swimmer Katinka Hosszús who both exclaimed “This girl needs to go pro.” Now with 10 million Instagram followers under his belt; Chiaraferrag Inn is ready to make it big on these shores too.

Chiara Ferrigni shop:

There are many unique things to see and buy at Chiara Ferragni’s shop. From her signature baggy outfits, which she wears on the runway each day as well as in front of cameras for fashion magazines around Europe; right down to shoes that can be worn by any woman into their everyday lives without feeling too dressy or understated – it all has something special about it!

Chiara ferragni brand:

The Chiara Ferrigno brand is committed to designing clothing that showcases women’s bodies in a new way. They design clothes with curves and shapes, while also remaining true to their original style of creating simple yet elegant pieces for everyone who wants something different from what they see on Instagram or Facebook every day!

Chiara Ferragni nude:

Chiara throws off her clothes in front of the mirror and poses, showing off her flat stomach. She knows what you want to see: every curve on your favorite model’s body is hers too!

A photo posted by Chiara Ferragni (@ chiaraferraggini ) on May 20, 2016 at 8:12pm PDT  A video posted by Chiara Ferragnii (@ chi_a_peachsaportrait

Chiara Ferragni nespresso:

Nespresso is not just another coffee supplier for me. I’ve had the chance to taste Chiara’s Nespresso blend and it was exactly what my heart desired- strong without any bitterness or overly sour aftertaste, sweet but not too much so you would need multiple cups of this delicious drink!

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The blonde salad

For a light and refreshing meal, try this simple but flavorful dish. The salad itself doesn’t contain any mayo or mustard – it’s made with beets as well as an assortment of other good-for-you ingredients like apples, raisins and nuts!

Chiara Ferragni collection:

If you love the person who created this site, I have great news for you. The Chiara Ferragni Collection is now available at H&M! These pieces are perfect for all fashionistas and individuals alike because they come in different colorways that fit any personality or style such as fun summer tones like coral pink (17082) with white polka dots on the black dress ($30).

Chiara Ferragni wedding:

The Chiara Ferragni wedding is an Italian fashion show that features celebrities modeling clothes and jewelry designed by famous designers. It’s seen as one of the most important events in Italy, especially because it has captured fans’ attention for years now with its unique sense of style.

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The main attraction at this year’s event was Gigi Hadid who stole everyone away from their phones to take photos together after walking down the aisle into married bliss (and giving us all major Snapchat swag). Of course, other stars graced our screens- Kendall Jenner walked out wearing Givenchy while Hailey Baldwin surprised viewers adjusting her Mulberry coat before entering another room full camera lights flashing shoutout

Chiara Ferragni wedding dress:

Chiara Ferragni’s wedding dress is sheer, strapless, and fits tightly around the arms. The skirt ends with a train that can be up to 8 meters long!

Chiara Ferragni shoes:

The Chiara Ferragni shoes are a collaboration between the styles of high-end designers and an up-and-coming streetwear brand, with prices still reasonable for their quality.

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Year Title Role Notes
2014 Project Runway Guest judge Episode: “Rock the Wedding”
2019 Chiara Ferragni – Unposted Herself Documentary
2020 Making the Cut Judge 6 episodes
Germany’s Next Top Model Guest judge Episode: “Kalander Girls”
2021 The Ferragnez: The Series Upcoming sitcom

On Instagram, you can find out more about each individual pair by following @chiaraferragnese on both platforms!


Chiara is an Italian dental specialist from the northern city of Cremona who met rapper and maker Fedez in late 2016. They got engaged during his show on 6 May 2017; The proposal was communicated live by RTL 102.5 radio station while he performed – this made it possible for them to be seen worldwide. The wedding occurred at Justine’s villa in Noto, Sicily (which they also own) when Chiara said “I do” before 1000 invited guests including family members like sisters Maria Teresa Leotta de Marchiaria & Nunzia Scarpitta di Lucia together with friends such as Giusy Ferreri-Calderini, Carla Fracci formerly knowns as Gelaleddu/Gillian Anderson.

Chiara Ferragni Body Stats:

Physical Status
Height 177 cm
Weight Not Available
Body Measurements Not Available
Eye Color Not Available
Hair Color Not Available

Chiara Ferragni Net Worth:

The Italian influencer and socialite, Chiara Ferragni is worth an estimated $18 million. She started blogging in 2009 while working as a stylist for Milan’s VIP scene where she became famous for posting pictures on her personal Tumblr page that showed off high-end fashion from designers such Gucci or Prada alongside photos taken by herself at events like shows during New York Fashion Week fit models walking down Fifth Avenue with their parents go out clubbing in Chicago wearing statement makeup jewelry posed against brick walls covered in tags which can be found throughout cities worldwide

Net Worth in 2021 $1 Million – $5 Million
Salary in 2020 Under Review
Net Worth in 2019 Pending
Salary in 2019 Under Review
House Not Available
Cars Not Available
Source of Income Blogger

Chiara Ferragni Wiki:

 Birthplace Cremona
Astrological sign  Taurus
Nationality  Italian
Location  Italy,Los Angeles
Studies  N/A
Career start  2006
Religion  Christian
Leisure  Travel
Political opinion  N/A
Favorite dish  Pizza
Favorite Actors N/A
Favorite Singer  Fedez
Favorite Movie  Forrese Gump
Favorite footballer  N/A
Favorite Song  The Lazy
Father  Marco Ferragni
Mother  Marina Di Guardo
Sisters/Brothers  Valentina Ferragni,Francesca Ferragni
Marital status  Married
Wedding date  2018
Husband Federico Lucia (Fedez)
Child  Leon


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What questions arise in your mind about Chiara Ferragni?

Q: Are Chiara Ferragni’s parents together?

Ans: Do you want to know more about Chiara Ferragni, the daughter of Italy’s most famous family-recipe blogger Giorgio and wife Adriana?
Ferrigno has a very interesting background story. Her parents got married in 2003 after 13 years together as friends! It’s not easy being an only child but I think that just makes us appreciate our siblings even more – especially since we can’t have any ourselves or do they already exist inside this amazing virtual world made by gamers who don’t need sleep or food outside their homes?!

Q:Did Chiara Ferragni go to harvard?

Ans: It is unclear if Chiara Ferragni went to Harvard, but she did complete an internship at the university.
Chi’s Instagram post suggests that they were there for two months and would help out around campus every day before heading back home in Italy at nightfall.”

Q:Did Chiara Ferragni go to college?

Ans: I have no idea whether or not Chiara Ferragni went to college.

Q:Where does Chiara Ferragni live?

Ans: Chiara lives in Italy, where she tattoos people and models for Givenchy.
She has a dog named Astegalus who the internet loves to hate on with every post they share about her life!

Q:Does Chiara Ferragni have a private jet?

Ans: It’s no secret that the fashion designer is one of Italy’s richest people, with an estimated net worth of upwards of $50 million. Is she also ready for takeoff at any time!

Q:Does Chiara Ferragni have a brother?

Ans: Is Chiara Ferragni related to the gorgeous Giaferri family?
The genius beauty with her striking green eyes has been spotted at least twice in recent years alongside an older man who seems very similar. Is this brother or father figure, nobody knows for sure but either way their connection is something worth noting!

Q: Does Chiara Ferragni have a bodyguard?

Ans: Does Chiara Ferragni have a personal bodyguard? A recent article claimed the star social media influencer and blogger was protected by an intimidating security team following death threats from fans online.

Q:How Chiara Ferragni started?

Ans:In 2013, a friend uploaded an image of their cousin on Instagram. The picture was from before they became famous and since then the photo has been liked over 50k times with people commenting “cute” or “so pretty.” This is when she knew that this could be something big if combined with fashion design skills! From there started Chiaramania which now counts 120K followers all around the globe thanks to its mix between street style shoots as well as personal photos taken by herself during travels abroad – mostly Italy but also Asia

Q:How Chiara Ferragni get famous?

Ans:What can you say about a person that has over 3 million followers on Instagram and is the author of seven books? Well, for starters it’s not because she was blessed with natural beauty or charm. We’ll admit when someone comes in looking like they stepped outta heaven sure, but unfortunately, there isn’t much more than skin deep here! Instead, I believe what helped Chiara get famous (among many things) were these three keys: knowing yourself well enough so as to speak from an authentic place that resonates deeply within all those around us but especially our audience; second crafting content tailored specifically towards who we want/need them to be rather than just being open, honest

Q:How old Chiara Ferragni?

Ans:She might be the most beautiful woman in her 20s or 30s, but I’m not too sure. Her Instagram bio says “27” which sounds about right for someone with that type of gorgeous face and body structure- though she does have some extra weight around the hips area (that sometimes disappears). There are also tons of makeup tutorials on Youtube showing how people like myself can do this themselves if we want natural-looking looks without spending lots o money at expensive salons!

Q:How tall Chiara Ferragni?

Ans:Chiara Ferragni is 5’7″ tall. She has always been the shortest one in her family, but that didn’t stop this Italian fashionista from pursuing dreams of becoming successful on both sides of the camera lens!

Q:How much is Chiara Ferragni worth?

Ans:Chiara Ferragni is a social media influencer and fashion blogger with over 2.2 million followers on Instagram alone, yet she still manages to maintain her personal life separate from the internet fame that seems inseparable nowadays for many successful people in our generation which lead us here: How much does Chiara’s net worth actually stand at? It’s hard enough keeping up-to-date when just following one person but multiply this by two-plus add friends galore including Gaetano Tramezzino (her husband of six years), his parents Aldo & Domenica alongside brother Massimo who all have their own small followings too so before we know it hours have turned into days without seeing any new posts about.

Q:How is Chiara Ferragni?

Ans:The Italian fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni has the perfect question to ask in order for anyone who is curious about her.”How are you?” She says with a smile on her face and clear blue eyes which seem impossible not have noticed all your little details from afar even if they were trying their hardest not to notice them at first glance or through social media posts scrolling by one after another online while busily checking emails waiting anxiously during lunch hour only having ten minutes spare time before going back into full production mode getting everything done

Q:Is Chiara Ferragni rich?

Ans:Is Chiara Ferragni a rich person? It’s hard to say. She posts about expensive clothes and shoes, but what do people really know when it comes down to how much money she makes or even if the gifts are freebies from her company (which seems unlikely).
A recent article by Business Insider claims that this social media star has an estimated net worth between $5-$25 million dollars – so maybe go ahead ask them where they got theirs!

Q:Is Chiara ferragni catholic?

Ans:Is Chiara ferragni Catholic? The answer is yes, she most certainly is. She attended mass on Christmas Day this year with her family in Milan to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as well!

Q:Is Chiara Ferragni married?

Ans:Is Chiara Ferragni married? The answer is a resounding “no.” Unfortunately for the social media influencer and entrepreneur, she has never been able to find “the one.”
“I don’t think it’s an issue of not being attracted or finding somebody that makes me happy,” said this individual in an interview with Elite Daily. Instead, when asked if there had ever even BEEN anybody at any point during her 12-year career as both someone blogging on websites like Tumblr AND launching successful shoe lines thru high profile collaborations (such

Q:What is Chiara Ferragni net worth?

Ans: Chiara Ferragni, also known as the “Queen of Social Media” has a net worth that ranges between $10 and 15 million dollars.
Ava Luna is an American YouTuber who rose to fame after posting her first video on TikTok in 2016 at only 14 years old! She joined Instagram afterward where she accumulated 100K followers within two months which eventually increased up here 1 billion total views across all social media channels.

Q:Who is Chiara Ferragni parents?

Ans: To get an idea of who Chiara’s parents might be, we can look at her Instagram. She uploads pictures with them on the app and they seem like glamorous people! There are also some photos where their faces aren’t shown but just a profile view showing that one side must have been more interesting than anything else.”

Q:Who is Chiara Ferragni brother?

Ans:Who is Chiara Ferragni’s brother? He can be seen in many of her Instagram photos and videos, but the person who has been making all these hilarious moments possible for over two years now remains anonymous.
A lot more information on this mystery man will likely come out after they are legally allowed to identify him or herself with an introduction!

Q:How old is Chiara Ferragni?

Ans:Who’s Chiara Ferragni? She may be one of the social media’s most popular chefs, but that doesn’t make her any less beautiful. I’m talking about the 25-year old Italian model and blogger who became famous after uploading photos to Instagram with her witty captions (like “Cake Boss”). With over 150 million followers on this photo-sharing platform alone; it can be difficult not knowing what my favorite person does all day long!

Q:was Chiara Ferragni rich before?

Ans:Did you know that Chiara Ferragni was once considered “poor” before she became one of the most influential people in fashion?
The social media influencer started her career as an intern for Vogue Italy when she was just 16-years old. She later went on to work at magazines like Elle and Marie Claire, which is where we first saw her stunning runway images paired with captions about how much money each dress costs or whether they would design clothes similar enough so designers don’t get sued every time someone copies them! It turns out this young Italian girl wasn’t born into wealth but made it all happen because now everyone wants their own taste revealed through chic designs by Chiara Ferragni.

Q:what Chiara Ferragni wears?

Ans:What is Chiara Ferragni wearing? Well, it’s not your average outfit. In the July issue of VOGUE ITALIA she appears as a vision in white lace and sheer panels paired with her signature smoky eye make-up look – reminiscent of old Hollywood filming or perhaps Grecian art from centuries past where beauty was more about sophistication than sexuality (or lack thereof). The result: eternal elegance personified!

Q:Who is franco lucia Chiara Ferragni?

Ans:You might not have heard of her, or even seen a photo before. But this tiny Italian woman is one of the most successful models on Instagram with over 60 million followers and counting!
She started modeling at just 14 years old when she was scouted while shopping in Siena for some clothes that would fit better than what locals could provide – it turns out they were looking specifically for someone tall enough to appear near floor-length while traveling through rural towns like theirs without having cars waiting outside stores every time shoppers got bored waiting around after being served by lengthily attendants who attentively watched them.


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