Charlotte Elise Best Body Stats ,Age, Wiki, Height, Bio,Net Worth, Movies

Charlotte Elise Best Body Stats, Age, Wiki, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Movies

Charlotte Elise Best Body Stats ,Age, Wiki, Height, Bio,Net Worth, Movies

Charlotte Elise Best is an Australian actress and model best known for a small creative role on Home & Away. She was born on January 16, 1994, and is now 27 years old! Charlotte has been modeling since she was 10 years old – you can find out more about it here. It’s about this cool girl, how much money she has, other jobs people might know from her (hint: she has two great acting credits), where they met/kissed first, etc. Be sure to check out all these interesting facts below.

Physical Statistics

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Height Feet – 5 feet 4½ inches
Centimeters – 164 cm
Meters – 1.64 m
Weight Kilograms – 57 kg
Pounds – 126 lbs
Body Build Slim
Body Measurements 36-25-36
Body Shape Hourglass
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Sexuality Straight
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Dress Size 8 (US)
Distinctive Features High Cheekbones

Thick eyebrows



Charlotte Elise Best experienced childhood in the suburb of Point Frederick in the township of Gosford. Alongside her three siblings, Charlotte Elise Best went to Central Coast Grammar School where she won a presentation grant at eight years old. From that fact she relocated with her family to Beauty Point, going to SCECGS Redlands for a half year until enlisting at Brent Street Performing Arts High School where she considered all parts of performing arts.


Best made her TV debut in 2007, and since then has starred on-screen as Annie Campbell until 2010. This led to training with the Home And Away crew that helped Best prepare for what would come next: high school studies at Oxford Falls Grammar School where she eventually won an award from their music program after just one year of full-time enrollment! Now studying Global Studies at the University Of Technology Sydney (UTS), this young actress can be seen playing Cheryl Haynes’ part in Puberty Blues – only heightening anticipation about future roles ahead…

Charlotte Elise Best has always been a style model, starting at an early age. Her first modeling job was for the Barbie Magazine in 1997 when she was just eight years old! She went on to appear regularly in other popular magazines like Total Girl and Oyster as well as being featured on Comedy Inc. In addition, Best is now one of Supre’s ambassadors which means you can find her models walking around New York City wearing their clothes or maybe even shopping themselves if they’re feeling lucky (I know I am). Last but not least she works extensively with World Vision helping improve lives all over our planet


Charlotte Elise Best Body Stats ,Age, Wiki, Height, Bio,Net Worth, Movies

Her most prominent role was as Annie Campbell in the long-running TV series Home and Away somewhere between 2007 and 2010. Her character went on an understudy trade to Japan, initiating October 2009 which was initially planned for a half year but ended up lasting six weeks before she returned again with another break from filming around three months later when Best earned selection of Most Popular New Female Talent at Logie Awards 2008 – this time won by Bindi Irwin

She portrayed Carey Dunsmore who is also known by her married name; played alongside former co-stars such Kimberly Evans (who had previously starred alongside di Santo’s mother Julie having previous roles together during 1999) among others.

In 2012, Best was given a role in Network Ten’s drama series Puberty Blues as Cheryl Hayes. The character is based on the 1979 novel of the same name by Gabrielle Carey and Kathy Lette with an Australian web TV adaptation released December 14th, 2018 on Netflix called Tidelands that stars Cal McTeer (the lead female protagonist).


Birth Name Charlotte Elise Best
Nickname Charlotte
Place of Birth Sydney, Australia
Date of Birth January 16, 1994
Age 27 years old
Sun Sign  Capricorn
Nationality  Australian
Profession  Actress
Ethnicity  Australian


Its total assets are estimated at $2 million in 2019. See more about Charlotte’s Best net worth, salary, income, career, and movies below.


Home and Away (2007-2010) Puberty Blues (2012-14) Breath (2013)
Soul Mates (2014) Is This the Real World (2015) Alone (2015)
Teenage Kicks (2016) Skinford (2017) An American in Texas (2017)
Tidelands (2018) Skinfood 2 (2018) A Name Without a Place (2019)

Charlotte Best Facts

Charlotte Best is an animals rights activist, who has been working to end the abuse of dogs in China. She started her project after adopting a puppy from one such facility that was listed on DogMeatTrade or World Wide Web – or so they thought! When Charlotte discovered how mistreated these poor canines are she knew there had to be better ways for them all around the world…

1.”What a strange childhood,” she thought. “I spent my early years in Point Frederick and then, after that came Gosford.”

Growing up the only child of a single mother, she spent her childhood years in Point Frederick and Gosford.

2 At the age of three, her family moved to Beauty Point Australia. This region would eventually become home for them all as they struggled through drought and flooding alike – never forgetting who their true friends are or giving up on finding refuge from an uncertain future around every corner

3. Charlotte Best made her first TV show appearance by bringing to life the character of Annie Campbell in an episode of Home and Away, a romantic drama series.

The talented actress has since starred on many different Australian television shows including Dance Academy Season 2 (as herself), Neighbours as Sam Tairogui during 1996-1998 season; Ned Kelly starring Ewan Handley who played Bill Hogarth’s younger brother Frank ‘Foghorn’ Loftus from 1930s onwards up until his death due to tuberculosis at 33 years old after emigrating over here hoping for better opportunities like joining Australia Post Corporation which he did briefly before becoming ill

4. In the year 2008, she has nominated for a Logie Award in the “Most Popular New Female Talent” category but it turned out to be television personality and conservationist Bindi Irwin who later won this award after all!

The first time The Nationals were given an opportunity at success came when their song “Phenomenal” by TLC went gold back in 1993 off of their third studio album O recovered ii ta Family Tree which featured production from Dallas Austin as well as engineering help from Teddy Riley (“If I Could Turn Back Time”) among others such as The Understeers(writers)

5. Charlotte Best has been in movies, television shows, and plays for years. From 2012 to 2014 she starred as Cheryl Hayes on Puberty Blues alongside Brenna Harding and Claudia Karvan among others which is where I noticed her most recently!

She’s appeared everywhere from Wollstonecraft Road with Mel Gibson to Sunday Brunching opposite Matt LeBlanc but best of all are those times you can catch this Australian beauty at home – because let’s face it: when have we ever seen anyone better represent our own personal “chick flick” than Charlotte?

6. She is a model who has worked for Barbie and Total Girl magazines.

7. Charlotte Best enjoys spending time at the beach where she loves to read and write in her spare moments

The beaches were one of the many places that made up an unforgettable childhood for me, so naturally, they’ve become a big part of who I am today too! When it comes down from being cooped up inside all day long or going out on adventures with friends there really isn’t much better than sitting back comfortable under some sun-kissed hair while reading something new you just picked off Amazon waiting until these waves come over us again because when we’re done here nothing else matters

8. She is an active ambassador for many charities including Cure Our Kids and World Vision, which have led to her experience being broadcast on the TV show “My Brother’s Keeper” with Mayor Giuliani in 2014

The example given above gives us some insight into Dianaobosca-Lopez’s work but it doesn’t tell us anything about what these engagements are or how she got involved with them so I will continue pursuing that line of inquiry by asking more questions such as “What activities does she take part?”



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