Catherine Zeta-Jones 2022 | Biography, Facts & News | Information

Catherine Zeta-Jones is an actress of Welsh descent who has proven her versatility in numerous films, including the musical Chicago (2002), for which she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Learn more about Zeta-Jones’ life and career.


Catherine Zeta-Jones, who conquered the whole world with her beauty and talent, is a favorite of fortune. However, the incredible success of the actress, who played Velma in “Chicago” and Elena in “Zorro”, came not by chance, but due to her determination and self-discipline.

Catherine Zeta-Jones | Biography, Facts & News | Information

FULL NAME: Catherine Zeta-Jones
AGE: 52 years old
DATE OF BIRTH: 25-Sep-69
BIRTHPLACE: Swansea, United Kingdom
RELIGION: Roman Catholicism
HEIGHT: 5 feet 7 in
WEIGHT: 57 kg
WAIST: 24 inches
HIPS: 34 inches
HAIR COLOR: Dark brown
Catherine Zeta-Jones Education
School: Hazel Johnson School of Dance
Dumbarton House School in Swansea
Catherine Zeta-Jones Career
Profession: Actress
Known For: Elena Montero
 Film: Les 1001 nuits
TV Show: The Darling Buds of May
Salary: Under Review
Net Worth: USD $45 million app
Family & Relatives
Father: David James Jones
Mother: Patricia Fair
Brother(s): Lyndon Jones, David A. Jones,
Sister(s): None
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Michael Douglas
Children: 2
Son(s): Dylan Michael Douglas
Daughter(s): Carys Zeta Douglas
Dating History: Mick Hucknall (1998), John Leslie, Paul McGann (1995), Jon Peters (1996), Angus Macfadyen (1995-1996),
Catherine Zeta-Jones Favorites
Hobbies: Not Known
Favorite Food: Potato chips, Salmon,
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Catherine was born in the coastal town of Swansea in Wales. The star was born on September 25, 1969 in the family of the owner of a small bakery. Catherine is the third child of Welshman David and Irishwoman Patricia. Unlike her two older brothers, she showed creativity from an early age, loved to sing and dance in front of a mirror, portraying herself as an actress.

Later, the middle name will become part of the stage pseudonym of the actress, and the whole world will know the history of its origin. When Catherine was 4, she contracted a viral illness that caused a complication in the form of shortness of breath and nearly cost the girl her life. But a lucky chance intervened in the fate of the future actress, and after a timely operation on the trachea, she was left with only a small scar. To somehow help her husband, who worked in the shop from dawn until late in the evening as a baker and salesman, Patricia sewed clothes for neighbors as poor as they were. In the early 1980s, Catherine’s parents were lucky enough to win £ 100,000 in the national lottery, and they were able to afford to move to the more affluent Swansea area and open a real confectionery.

David and Patricia indulged their beloved daughter in everything and allowed her to dance, paying in advance for the entire course of study in a dance studio. Catherine was 7 years old and she was already dreaming of the stage. The girl danced for 6 hours a day and played in the school theater. She made a schedule for a whole week and followed him relentlessly, always achieving her goal. The girl went to audition and got the role, and after the end of filming in Wales, an invitation to continue them in London.


In the British capital, Catherine, the owner of delicate olive skin and amber eyes, quickly became popular. The actress debuted on the big screen in 1990 in the joint French-Italian comedy “One Thousand and One Nights”, in which she played the role of Shahrazad. Philippe de Brock’s film was not a success, but it attracted even more attention to the young actress and gave her a chance to play the role of Marietta in the 1991 melodramatic British series “Cute May Buds”.

Over the next four years, Catherine, already a British celebrity, starred in several films. The most notable of these are the comedy sports film Blue Juice, in which she collaborated with Stephen Mackintosh and Ewan McGregor, and the Victorian drama Homecoming, in which she played the beautiful Eustace. Clive Owen and Ray Stevenson played Eustace’s fans.


Catherine began her conquest of Hollywood in 1995, agreeing to play the role of Catherine the Great in the historical drama of the same name. Despite high expectations, the picture was not a success, and proposals for a young and daring Brit did not fall.

In 1996, Catherine managed to play in the action movie “Phantom”, where she played the role of a wonderful leader of the pirate’s Sala, and her partner was Billy Zane. At the end of the same year, in the TV mini-series “Titanic”, Catherine played the role of a first-class passenger who met during a trip to her ex-boyfriend, played by Peter Gallagher. The creation of the series coincided with the excitement about the shooting of James Cameron’s film, which adversely affected the success of the project.

Antonio Banderas and Sir Anthony Hopkins have already been approved for the lead roles, the actors are taking fencing lessons in full force, but Campbell could not find an actress for the role of Elena.

Once again, Catherine’s life was interrupted by a happy accident: Steven Spielberg, who was friends with Campbell, accidentally saw Catherine in the TV series “Titanic” and advised a friend to invite her to rehearsals.


Prior to the huge success of the musical Chicago in 2002, Catherine starred in the mystical horror drama The Ghost of the House on the Hill, starring Liam Neeson, Owen Wilson, and Lily Taylor, & in the detective thriller Traffic. directed by Steven Soderbergh. In the film, Catherine played the wife of drug lord Carlos Ayala, played by Stephen Bauer. Also starring Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid, Benjamin Brett, and Benicio del Toro. The role of the bitch diva vaudeville diva Velma in the musical “Chicago” is considered one of the best works of the actress. The 33-year-old actress won an Oscar and a BAFTA for her brilliant performance as Velma.

In the 2003 comedy “Unbearable Cruelty”, the actress played the role of a marriage swindler, starring in a duet with George Clooney. Despite the negative reviews of film critics, the picture, funny and romantic, was liked by the audience. In 2004, two films starring the star were released. Catherine’s partner in the simple but very kind and touching drama “Terminal” was Tom Hanks. And in the crime comedy “12 Friends of Ocean”, she joined the stellar team of casino robbers, consisting of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Matt Damon. The film became an event of the film season and for a long time held the top positions in world ratings.

Catherine managed to repeat her 1998 triumph in the 2005 legend of The Legend of Zorro, which describes the events that took place 10 years after the first film. Catherine’s duet with Antonio Banderas is considered one of the most beautiful film duos in Hollywood history.

The following year, the actress played the role of Dr. Siebert in a psychological thriller with an unpredictable outcome “Side Effect”.

After playing Russian spy Katya in “RED 2,” which also starred Bruce Willis, Anthony Hopkins, Brian Cox, Helen Mirren, David Thewlis, and John Malkovich, the actress took a break from her career and reappeared on-screen only four years later. In 2017, Catherine accepted an invitation to star in a series about the enmity between Joan Crawford and Batt Davis, played by Jessica Lang and Susan Sarandon. Catherine plays a minor but bright role in the series, and Alfred Molina, Katie Bates, and Stanley Tucci also take part in the project. In 2017, the actress began filming in the historical drama “The Godmother of Cocaine.” In the picture, she had to transform into the famous Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco, the criminal queen of Florida in the 80’s. The film also starred Juan Pablo Espinoza and Warren Christie. The premiere took place in early 2018.

Since 2017, Catherine has been working on the role of Cleopatra in Steven Soderbergh’s musical “Cleo”. The actress considers this role important because Cleopatra was played in 1963 by her favorite actress Catherine Elizabeth Taylor. Catherine recalls buying a huge bouquet of daffodils and waiting for Elizabeth Taylor to appear at the entrance to the Royal Theater. When Taylor regally got out of the car, the girl approached her, held out a bouquet, and asked to take off her sunglasses to see the legendary purple eye color of Elizabeth. The Queen of Hollywood did not comply with the girl’s request but accepted the flowers.

In the black multi-series comedy “Queen of America”, the actress starred as the famous stylist and beauty coach Vicky Ellis, who can make almost any contender the winner of a beauty contest. But her new protégé Samantha is completely ignorant and frankly ugly, and Vicky has to invent incredible tricks to make the ugly Queen of Beauty.


Catherine’s first novel took place in London; her choice was popular TV presenter John Leslie, who was terribly jealous of her, and her engagement with whom she broke off before moving to Los Angeles.

In 1998, Michael Douglas, fascinated by Catherine in her role in “Mask of Zorro”, tried to start a relationship with the actress, joking that he wanted to become the father of her children. However, Catherine did not appreciate the joke, and for six months Douglas showered her with gifts and luxurious bouquets of flowers. Unable to withstand such pressure, Catherine gave up. By that time, Michael was no longer living with his ex-wife, but he was not officially divorced. To get a divorce, he had to pay $ 45 million in severance pay.

In 1999, Catherine and Michael announced their engagement, and she smiled happily on all the glossy covers, showing off a $ 2 million ring. In 2000, the couple had a son, Dylan, and they soon had a wedding.Caris was born in 2003, after which Catherine began to show the first signs of bipolar disorder. For several years, she managed to hide her health problems, but when Michael was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her throat, Catherine gave all her strength to fight for the life of her beloved husband.

After Michael’s illness subsided, Katherine’s bipolar disorder, which had been lurking for a while, made itself felt again – as a result of constant fatigue and stress, it reappeared in 2012. Michael behaved unexpectedly, stating that he did not intend to tolerate constant changes in Catherine’s mood and even wanted to file for divorce. However, when Catherine underwent therapy, the couple reconciled.


For the past few years, Catherine has appeared less frequently on movie screens, but still attends social events. In 2019, she was spotted at the 76th Golden Globe and Emmy Awards, and in 2020, Zeta-Jones attended the 26th Actors Guild Awards.

Nothing is known about the upcoming filming of Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie – apparently, the actress decided to dedicate most of her free time to her growing children and husband. The actress often shares photos from a vacation spent with family. The fact that there is an idyll in the family is confirmed by Michael Douglas, who repeatedly stated in an interview that Catherine was and remains a wonderful wife and mother.


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