Cate Blanchett (@cate_blanchettofficial)2022 | Bio & Facts | Information

Cate Blanchett, actress: Carol. Cate Blanchett was born on May 14, 1969, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the children of June (Gamble), an Australian teacher and property developer, and Robert DeWitt Blanchett Jr., a Texas-American advertising executive.

Cate Blanchett (@cate_blanchettofficial)2022 | Bio & Facts | Information


Full Born Name: Catherine Elise Blanchett
Nickname: Cate
Religion: Non-Religious
Date of Birth: 14-May-69
Birthplace: Ivanhoe, Australia
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Father Name: Robert Blanchett
Mother Name: June Blanchett
Siblings Names:  Bob Blanchett, Genevieve Blanchett
Spouse: Andrew Upton (m. 1997 – present)
Children: Dashiell John Upton, Roman Robert Upton, Ignatius Martin Upton, Edith Vivian Patricia Upton
Height 5 ft 8 inches
Weight 59 kg
Breast Size 34 inches
Bra Size 32B
Cup Size B
Body Measurements 34-24-35 inches
Figure Slim
Chest Size 34 inches
Waist Size 24 inches
Hips Size 35 inches
Shoe Size 9 (US) or 40 (EU)
Dress Size 2 (US) or 34 (EU)
Eyes Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Natural breasts or implants Natural
Favorite Food: Cheese & Vegemite on Toast
Favorite Hobby: Modeling
Favorite Products: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Enzyme Exfoliant, SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum, SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil,
Favorite Sports: Bowling
Favorite Color: Persian Blue, Dark Puce
BAFTA Awards: Best Performance by an Actress in a Role, Elizabeth, 1999
Academy Awards, USA: Best Performance by an Actress in a Role, Oscar, 2005
BAFTA Awards: Best Performance by an Actress in a  Role, The Aviator, 2005
Elle Women in Hollywood Awards:  Woman of the Year, 2012
Dublin Film Critics Circle Awards: Blue Jasmine, Best Actress,  2013
Academy Awards, USA: Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, Oscar, 2014
BAFTA Awards: Best Actress, 2014
AACTA International Awards: Best Actress, Blue Jasmine, 2014
GALICIA: Film Performance of the Year – Actress, 2016,The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics:
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Cate Blanchett is an Australian actress known far beyond her home continent. Having made a name for herself after the premiere of the historical drama “Elizabeth I”, she was remembered by millions of viewers as the elf Galadriel, who won an Oscar for her supporting role in “Aviator” (2005) and Best Actress in “Jasmine” (2013). starred in “The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button”, “Robin Hood”, “Cinderella” and dozens of other outstanding paintings.


Cate Blanchett (@cate_blanchettofficial)2022 | Bio & Facts | Information

Catherine Eliza Blanchett was born on May 14, 1969, in the ancient Australian town of Ivanhoe, to Robert Blanchett, a Texas native and U.S. Navy officer, and Australian June, a teacher. Kate’s parents met in a very romantic way – the ship on which Robert served broke down and was repaired in the port of Melbourne.

Cate Blanchett (@cate_blanchettofficial)2022 | Bio & Facts | Information

The officer later retired and moved to June’s homeland, working for an advertising agency and raising children with his wife. In addition to Kate, the middle of three children, the eldest son Bob (now a network engineer) and Genevieve’s youngest daughter (a theater artist) grew up in the family. When Kate was 10, her father died of a heart attack. The mother had to pull the children alone.

Kate went to Melbourne Elementary School, then transferred to a high school for girls in her hometown, and in high school, she went to Women’s Methodist College, where she discovered her propensity for creativity.

“As a child, I was half extrovert, half quiet,” the actress described herself as a young woman. During her school years, she had a passion for baggy clothes, visited both goth and punk, and once shaved bald without hesitation.

In 1989, fate brought Kate to Egypt, where she was included in the mass film “Cabiria”. Before that, she had no idea to become an actress, but after her debut, for which she was given 5 dinars and fed lunch, she returned to Australia and entered the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney, after which she graduated in 1992, becoming a certified actress. Teachers considered her one of the most capable students in the course.


In 1992, Kate was accepted into the troupe of the Sydney Theater Company. The actress made her debut in the play “Cool Girls”, and later took on a role in the production of “Kafkaesque Dances”. The work of the novice actress was highly praised – the girl received the award of the Society of Theater Critics for best debut. Later, Kate participated in the provocative production of “Oleanna”. For her role as Carol, she was named Best Theater Actress in 1993.

Cate Blanchett (@cate_blanchettofficial)2022 | Bio & Facts | Information

After that, director Jeffrey Rush, who noticed Kate while still at university, invited the girl to play Ophelia in the production of “Hamlet”. Once again, she was successful, recognized by the audience, and praised by critics.

Cate Blanchett’s first film roles came in 1994: “Police Rescue Squad”, “Heartland”, “Bordertown”. In 1995, Kate shone on the Sydney stage in three projects: “Dance of the Blind Giant”, “Tender Phoebe”, “Storm”. Theatrical successes were noticed by producers and film directors. In 1997, the actress played the iconic Nina in Chekhov’s “Seagull”, after which she began to combine theater with cinema, and later cinema took a leading place in her life.

In 1996, Kate got her first starring role in the film “Parklands”, which demanded from the young actress the maximum emotional return – her heroine has just learned the unpleasant truth about her recently deceased father. The budding star was spotted by Bruce Beresford, director of the war drama Road to Paradise, where Kate had to play with Glenn Close.

In 1997, Kate starred in the historical melodrama “Oscar and Lucinda”. The director wanted to see a novice actress in the lead role, although the producers resisted. She played the reckless millionaire Lucinda, who made a bet with a young priest (Rafe Fiennes) – she will build a glass church, and he will move it to Australia, and if all goes well, he will get all the fortune of the girl.

Cate Blanchett (@cate_blanchettofficial)2022 | Bio & Facts | Information
VENICE, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 12: Venezia77 Jury President Cate Blanchett attends the closing ceremony at the 77th Venice Film Festival on September 12, 2020 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/WireImage)

Then there was the role of the British Virgin Queen Elizabeth I in the eponymous drama by Indian director Shekhar Kapoor. Stern-looking Cate Blanchett appeared on the screen in the company of Joseph Fiennes, Jeffrey Rush and Vincent Cassel and instantly ceased to be a local Australian star. For the role of Queen Elizabeth I, she was awarded the Golden Globe and the BAFTA Award, the actress was nominated for an Oscar and the American Film Actors Guild Award.

A year later, Kate appeared in the melodrama “The Perfect Husband”, and then – in the comedy “Flying” with Angelina Jolie, John Cusack, and Billy Bob Thornton. The Talented Mr. Ripley with Matt Damon. Viewers of the film remembered her as the aristocrat Meredith, who could not resist the charms of the calculating and hypocritical Tom Ripley.

In the new century, a number of bright and diverse images followed. At first, the actress starred in the drama “The Man Who Cried”, by the way, with Oleg Yankovsky. This was followed by the role of a clairvoyant in the mystical thriller “Gift”. Critics were stingy on reviews, but the success of the picture, in their opinion, was obtained only through the acting of Kate.

While working on the trilogy, the actress did not go outside without a thick layer of sunscreen, which protected her milky white skin from sunburn. She managed to return to her favorite heroine in 2012 – this time Peter Jackson undertook the film adaptation of “The Hobbit”. He managed to stretch a small book to the format of the trilogy, which is already familiar to his fans: the second and third parts were published in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Cate Blanchett (@cate_blanchettofficial)2022 | Bio & Facts | Information

An interesting experience was working with independent director Jim Jarmusch on the film “Coffee and Cigarettes”. Cate Blanchett appeared in two guises: one – herself, the second – her cousin Shelley (non-existent in real life), who envied the success of the relative. They could be distinguished by a wig and a cigarette sticking out of their mouths.

In 2004, she worked with another great director, Martin Scorsese, who planned to film a biography of the eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio). Blanchett got the role of the only actress in the history of cinema, who won 4 “Oscars” – the cult Catherine Hepburn.

Many were dissatisfied with the choice of director, in particular, due to the many external differences between Hepburn and Blanchett. Even the actress herself was afraid that “Aviator” would ruin her career. But the fears were unfounded – viewers forgot about the discrepancies, struck by the skill of Kate, and her efforts were awarded the first Oscar in her collection.

In 2006, on the set of the drama “Babylon”, Blanchett played brilliantly with Brad Pitt. Two years later, they met while working on David Fincher’s The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button, another landmark role in Blanchett’s filmography. The picture told the life of a man “on the contrary”: the protagonist was born old and over time became younger. The heroine Kate became friends with him as a child, despite the prohibition of his parents. She was getting older and he was getting younger. “I’d spend all my time working with Fincher again,” Kate admitted.

In 2008, Kate and her husband became the artistic director of the Sydney Theater Company, where she began a brilliant acting career. Under her leadership, the theater, which suffered not the best of times, achieved the former success and multiplied it, primarily through the productions of “Hedda Gabler” and “Tram of Desire”.

In 2013, Woody Allen’s drama “Jasmine” was released. Her heroine Jasmine Francis (the role was written especially for Blanchett) lost everything she had in an instant – her multi-billionaire husband (Alec Baldwin) was convicted of fraud, the family’s condition is disappearing, adultery is becoming apparent. She has to start life from scratch. Critics called the actress’ work one of the brightest of her career, as evidenced by her second Oscar for Best Actress.

In November 2017, the superhero blockbuster “Thor: Ragnarok” was released in Russia. Cate Blanchett, who has long dreamed of trying herself in this new genre, became Hela, the first female villain in the Marvel movie universe. Moreover, this is the first “anti-hero” role in the filmography of the actress. “These shots were the happiest of my life in terms of acting and creativity,” says Kate.

In 2018, Cate Blanchett also planned to work on a female version of “Eleven Friends of Ocean” with Dakota Fanning, Sandra Bullock, Olivia Mann, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter, and Katie Holmes.


In 1996, the actress met screenwriter Andrew Upton and married him a year later. The couple broke stereotypes about the windiness of relations between Hollywood celestials. After 20 years, their relationship was as strong as it was at the beginning of the novel, despite Andrew’s unassuming appearance.

The couple gave birth to three sons: Dashiel John (born 2001), Roman Robert (born 2004), and Ignatius Martin (born 2008). And in 2015, the couple adopted Australian orphan Vivien.

Upton was the second head of the Sydney Theater Company with his wife from 2008 to 2013.


The series “Staging” was released with the participation of Cate Blanchett, about the actors of the West End Theater, who due to the coronavirus are forced to rehearse in four walls. She was joined by David Tennant and Michael Sheen. Blanchett could also be seen in the series “Statelessness”.

However, the main premiere of the year was the series “Mrs. America” from Netflix, in which Cate Blanchett played Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, who launched a struggle for the Amendment on Equal Rights for Women.

At the same time, Blanchett worked on “Don’t Look Up” with Leonardo DiCaprio, and also starred in “Alley of Nightmares.” The premieres of these films are scheduled for 2021.

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