Best New Year’s Eve Events in Los Angeles to gold ring 2022

Best New Year’s Eve Events in Los Angeles to gold ring 2022

Are you looking for what to do for the New Year’s Eve Events? Celebrate 2022 with our list of the best New Years Eve events and activities in Los Angeles. It unites all the inhabitants of our planet, regardless of religion or opinion. Even those who do not believe in St. Nicholas, or in Santa Claus or Santa Claus, still celebrate the end of the old and the beginning of the new year. So in this article, we have prepared information about the traditions and dates of New Year’s celebrations in different countries

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Countries celebrating the New Year on January 1


Finland is considered to be the real homeland of Santa Claus. However, here he is called Joulupukki and he lives in Lapland. At midnight, the Finns take to the streets and set off fireworks en masse.


How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

Then at home they foretell the coming year. This is usually done on wax and tin. In one of the cities of Finland – Kemi is the annual snow and ice festival. Near this city is a snow and ice castle measuring 20 thousand square meters – the pride of the whole country.


Before the New Year, the Germans want “Guten Rutsch!” – an abbreviation of the phrase “Einen Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!”, Which means “a good start to the Happy New Year”.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

In Germany, as in many other countries, the last 10 seconds of the past year are counted aloud. Then they hug and wish each other “Happy New Year!”. Afterward, sparklers are set on fire or fireworks are launched into the night sky. On New Year’s Eve, champagne is drunk all over the world. But only the Germans have a special toast for the New Year: “Prosit Neujahr!”. The word “prosit” derives from Latin and means “for your health!”.


French babies, like all children in the world, are terribly fond of gifts. To get them on New Year’s Eve, children put their shoes by the fireplace in the hope that Per Noel will fill them with nice things.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

Per Noel is a good magician, just like St. Nicholas. However, in case the New Year’s host is suddenly unable to visit them, the little French also write letters to Santa Claus, who, by the way, always answers them with a New Year’s card. However, only obedient children receive gifts. In France, it is believed that Per Fuetar (horned grandfather) comes to the brawlers. He looks for naughty children who have misbehaved during the year and gives them charcoal instead of treats and toys.

The French, like other nations, decorate the Christmas tree. In ancient times, they hung apples and candies on their twigs, now they decorate them with ordinary toys, and on the floor, they put santons – wooden or clay figurines. In addition, the French are very fond of sweets. Before baking a New Year’s cake, they often add beans to it. Anyone who gets such a surprise becomes a “bean king”. This means that his friends and relatives have to follow his humorous whims throughout New Year’s Eve.


In Austria, the chimney sweep and the pig have long been considered symbols of good luck and prosperity in the New Year. In ancient times, on New Year’s Eve, when a soot blower appeared on the street, people ran after it, trying to touch and contaminate themselves with soot.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

According to the custom of January 1, pork (fortunately), horseradish (for health), and green peas (for money) should be eaten for lunch. For more than a decade, the Vienna Mint has been minting a special souvenir coin for the New Year, depicting a boy riding a pig.


The traditions of celebrating the New Year in the United States, in general, are very similar to the Ukrainian ones. Only there everything happens on a double scale.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

In addition, Americans are characterized by a certain cult of decorating their homes. For example, 34th Street in Baltimore (Maryland) is even called a mass light show. Here the residents annually hold competitions for the brightest and most beautiful houses. Another difference is that Santa Claus brings gifts to American children under the Christmas tree (more precisely under the “Christmas tree”). He sneaks into the house through the chimney and is wearing a red jacket and pants.


The people of Great Britain do not celebrate the arrival of the New Year loudly. Nobody invites anyone to visit.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

However, there is an unwritten rule according to which on New Year’s Eve or night everyone can come to any holiday without any invitations, even to strangers, and will be warmly received. The guest should bring some pastries, whiskey, and at least a small piece of coal, throw it in the family hearth, and wish that the fire in this house burns for a long time.


But Italy in general celebrates the New Year in the same way as most Ukrainians. The only thing is that at midnight the Italians as a very emotional nation start shouting loudly. Babbo Natale, who means “Christmas dad”, comes to the children in this country.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

But the main New Year’s character there is the fairy Befana – a good old sorceress who enters the house through the chimney and puts small gifts in children’s shoes. She leaves charcoal or a pile of ashes to naughty children.

But the talk that on New Year’s Eve the Italians throw out of the balconies in the yard or just on the street unnecessary household items (dishes, broken furniture, etc.), just a myth.

In Rome, there is a tradition: on a holiday night to jump from the bridge to the Tiber River for happiness. And in Venice, it is customary to kiss on New Year’s Eve. St. Mark’s Square under the battle of the clock and the roar of fireworks abound with hundreds of couples kissing.


Residents of this country begin to celebrate in late November. On December 5, they celebrate Klozum on Shirmonnikoge (the name Klozum means “Uncle Klaus”.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles


The celebration of this day is similar to the tradition of celebrating St. Nicholas Day). During this period, the country turns orange from the infinite number of lights. The holiday season ends on December 31 with the end of the old year.

The role of Santa Claus is played by the old man Sinterklaas, who was once a famous chimney sweep and who arrives in the Netherlands on a large ship from Spain, and this event is broadcast annually on all channels of the country. He has helpers who are called Black Peter and who distribute sweets to everyone.


In this country, the New Year is not as bright as in other eastern countries. Muslims are forbidden to decorate the Christmas tree, decorate the house, and call Santa Claus.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

They spend New Year’s Eve at a family dinner watching holiday shows. Although the famous Saint Nicholas (who was a real man and became a prototype for the fictional Santa Claus and Santa Claus) was born in Turkey. This happened in the third century AD in the city of Demre. There is the Church of St. Nicholas, where December 6 (probable date of the saint’s death) is held for three days.


In this Baltic country, there is a rather unusual tradition – to celebrate the New Year in a sauna.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

It is said that Estonians enter the next year clean and healthy. And the role of Santa Claus in them is played by a chimney sweep, which should bring happiness to the house.


There is an interesting New Year’s tradition here – Argentines throw away unnecessary old newspapers, magazines, notebooks, so on December 31 all the cities are covered with paper.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

Another feature: on New Year’s Eve Argentines do not exchange gifts – they do it for Christmas.


Sirens play the role of chimes here. In this way, Panamanians attract the attention of the New Year.

Panama’s most shocking tradition is the burning of stuffed current politicians. It is believed that this relieves locals of problems.


January 1 in Greece is not only the New Year but also the Day of Remembrance of St. Basil, the patron saint of the poor.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

The Greeks have long believed that it penetrates the homes of Christians just like the Italian Befana. As a sign of respect for Vasily, food is left on the table, because it is unknown when the desired guest may appear.


In Japan, long tosi-kosisoba noodles are a symbol of longevity, rice cookies are a symbol of family prosperity, pea dishes are a symbol of health, and fish (preferably carp) is a symbol of strength.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

They decorate the house with a special Christmas tree called kadomatsu and consists of bamboo, rice straws, and pine branches. All this is woven together and then decorated with leaves of fern and mandarin. New Year’s Eve in Japan is celebrated for almost a month.

The role of Santa Claus in this country is played by the deity Hortense. It is depicted as a fat cheerful man with a big bag behind his back. But, unlike Santa Claus and Santa Claus, he has eyes on the back of his head. And many children believe that Hotenos sees everything and knows everything about their antics. With this in mind, they try to behave with dignity, otherwise, they will not receive a gift, even if they write a letter.

On New Year’s Eve, the bells of the temples beat 108 times. With the last blow, you have to go to bed to get up before dawn, go outside and celebrate the New Year with the first rays of the rising sun. For those who fall asleep, the new year will be unlucky. The Japanese exchange gifts in the morning. The most common gifts are a postcard with the image of an animal, which symbolizes the coming year, as well as a rake, ostensibly in order to “rake” as much happiness as possible.

Countries where the New Year traditionally comes on other days of the year



The Chinese celebrate the New Year not from December 31 to January 1, but between January 17 and February 19 (when the new moon falls). In fact, the celebrations in China are large-scale.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

This is due to the Chinese belief that the New Year is surrounded by many evil spirits that need to be scared away. It is best to do it with loud sounds, crackers, firecrackers, and most importantly – light. Therefore, all street processions are illuminated by thousands of paper lanterns. It is also believed that daffodils should be cut on the New Year’s table.

The Chinese also have an analog of the Ukrainian Christmas tree – a tree of light, which is decorated with flowers, garlands, and lanterns. Chinese Santa’s name is Dong Che Lao Ren. He puts his gifts in socks, which children prudently hang on the walls on New Year’s Eve.


January 1 in this country is a holiday of your choice: Indians decide for themselves whether to celebrate the New Year on this day. In addition, there are several options for celebrating the arrival of the New Year, because in India it is celebrated several times a year.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

In particular, March 22 is the new year on the only national calendar of India. In the state of Maharashtra it is celebrated under the name of Goody Padva, and in the state of Andhra Pradesh – Ugad. Kerala is celebrating the New Year on April 13. It is called Vysh. Sikhs celebrate their New Year on the same day – Vaisakhi. In the south of India, Diwali is widely celebrated in autumn, which means the arrival of the new year.

One of the brightest holidays is the Bengal New Year, or Holi – the festival of colors, which takes place in early spring. On the first evening, the stuffed animal of the goddess Holika is burned, cattle are driven through the fire and they walk on coals. Then the merry festivities begin, showering each other with bright colors and watering with colored water.


In Scotland, the night of October 31 to November 1 is considered the beginning of the new year. Samhain is an ancient Celtic holiday in honor of the end of the harvest and the beginning of the new year.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

Fire, candles, and bonfires are a must. Cattle are driven away between the fires, and people jump through the fire. This is an ancient ritual of distillation by fire. In Celtic peoples, Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man, the night of October 31 to November 1 is now considered the beginning of a new year.


Rosh Hashanah’s Jewish New Year comes in September or October. On this holiday it is customary to greet each other with a wish to be entered in the “Book of Life”.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

During the celebration, you should eat apples with honey to make the next year sweet. During the service, the shofar, the symbol of the call to divine judgment and the call to repentance, must be blown. It is believed that it was on Rosh Hashanah that the first man, Adam, was created and banished from paradise.


Traditionally in Thailand, the holiday begins on April 13 and lasts for three days. It is called Songkran, which means the rotation of our planet around the Sun. Accordingly, when the Earth makes a complete revolution, the New Year begins. Traditionally, most Thais practice Buddhism, so their holiday begins with honoring the priests in the temples and offering them the best fruit.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

After such a morning ritual, the Thais begin real mass festivities: with dances, elephants, flowers, jewelry, and water. Yes, it is water, because everyone pours each other. Residents of Thailand are convinced that the more people are whitewashed, the happier they will be next year. In some cities, even “water festivals” are held. However, Thai children know nothing about the so-called Santa Claus…

Saudi Arabia

There is no exact date of the New Year in this country. In Islamic countries, where the countdown is from the Hijra (the time when the Prophet Muhammad led the Muslims from Mecca to Medina), the year comes on the first day of the month of Muharram.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

The date of arrival is floating – every year it is shifted by 11 days. Therefore, the exact date of the New Year does not exist. But this does not bother anyone – in most Muslim countries, the New Year is not celebrated.


When the rainy season ends, Ethiopia celebrates the New Year – Enkutatash. This holiday comes on September 11. Ethiopians build high fires from eucalyptus and spruce.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

Citizens gather in the main square of Addis Ababa and watch in which direction the scorched top of the main fire will fall – there will be a good harvest on the other side next year. During the celebration, they wear traditional clothes, go to church, and visit. Children in bright clothes hand out wreaths of flowers, walk around the neighbors, and for a monetary reward the girls sing and the boys draw pictures.


In Iran, New Year’s celebrations last a week. It is customary to give each other eggs for the New Year, which is associated with an ancient legend. Once on the day of the vernal equinox, the mythical Persian king Jamshid set off something like a fireworks display and presented everyone with chicken eggs, which symbolized the birth of life.

How to celebrate the New Year in the world?| New year eve los angeles

The country has its own calendar. For example, it is now 1395 in this country. The Iranian calendar, or Solar Hijra, is an astronomical solar calendar developed with the participation of Omar Khayyam and has been updated several times since then. New Year is celebrated in Iran on the first day of spring, which corresponds to March 22 of the Gregorian calendar. New Year’s Eve in Iran is called Novruz (or Noruz), and the first spring month is Favardin.

The head of the family in Iran gives new clothes to the household for the New Year. Garlic, vinegar, sprouted grain, juice of young spikelets, a plate with floating green leaves, and sometimes glasses with live fish are always placed on holiday tables. A good sign is to break old pottery.

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