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Bella Hadid is a famous model. She inherited her good looks in part from her mother, Yolanda, who was a successful model. Learn more about her today!


Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) News, Tips & Guides | Information

Bella Hadid is a famous model. She is young and beautiful, likes to appear in candid outfits and shock the audience. The girl is considered to be a golden youth, but she does not pay attention to it, and firmly adheres to the set goal, which she set at an early age.

Name: Bella Hadid
Real Name : Isabella Khair Hadid
Birthday : 9 October 1996
Gender: Female
Age : 24 Years (as in 2020)
Citizenship : American
Religion : Islam
Zodiac/Sun Sign : Libra
Born In :  Los Angeles, California, United States
Famous As : Model
Hometown : Los Angeles, California, United States
Debut Music Video: Jesse Jo Stark (2014)
Profession : Model, Actress
Debut TV : Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Father Name:  Mohamed Hadid
Mother Name:  Yolanda Hadid
Brother Name: Anwar Hadid
Sisters Name: Alana Hadid, Marielle Hadid, Gigi Hadid
Affairs/Boyfriends : Abel Tesfaye
Marital Status : Unmarried
Son Name  and Daughter Name:                                                                                       N/A
Husband Name : N/A
Children : N/A
School : Parsons School of Design
Height : 175 cm (in feet inches- 5′ 9″)
College : Not known
Qualifications : Graduate
Weight : 55 kg (in pounds- 121 lbs)
Body Measurements : 34-26-34
Eye Colour : Blue-green
Hair Colour: Brown
Net worth: $25 million
Known For: Her fashion gigs and being the younger sister of Gigi Hadid
Salary: Under review
Dating History: Duke Conrad
The Weeknd
Odell Beckham
Jr., Anthony Joshua
Jordan Barrett, Drake
HIPS: 34 inches
WAIST: 24 inches
BODYTYPE: Hourglass

Childhood and adolescence

Bella was born on October 1996 in Los Angeles. Her father is a world-renowned architect of Palestinian descent, Mohammed Hadid. Yolanda Foster’s mother, a Dutch model, became famous thanks to TV shootings in the popular project “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

The parents separated when the girl was 4 years old. The children were left to live with their mother, who married producer David Foster, a 16-time Grammy Award winner.

As a child, Bella became interested in equestrian sports. Success in horseback riding inspired the rider to prepare for the 2016 Olympics, but her health did not allow her to continue training. A year earlier, she had been diagnosed with Lyme disease due to a tick bite.

Before taking the podium, Bella Hadid worked for a while in a cafe in Malibu, then went to design school in New York and successfully graduated from high school, became interested in photography.

Model business

After plastic surgery on her nose and lips, her facial features changed, which allowed the 16-year-old beauty to start her career in fashion. Flawless parameters of the figure (at a height of 173 cm, its weight reaches 50 kg) allowed Belle to immediately shine in the world of pret-a-porter. The stellar biography of the model started quickly. Although there are still photos of Hadid before the plastic on the Internet, most fans perceive her only with new facial features.

In a relatively short time, Hadid has achieved great success in the modeling business. After a successful start, Bella began to be invited to TV shows and filming. During the year, the model starred in 4 videos. Later, Bella shone at the Chanel show in the company of her older sister Gigi Hadid and her friend Kendall Jenner. Bella Hadid’s main achievement was a contract with Victoria’s Secret lingerie company.

In her own promotion, Bella uses “shock therapy” methods. In 2016, following the results of the Cannes Film Festival, a scandal broke out in the press related to the name of the American woman. The model appeared on the catwalk in a red dress with a deep neckline and a slit to the waist. She was not wearing underwear.

In 2017, Hadid participated in the next show “Victoria’s Secret”, where she performed in the outfit of an “angel”. The organizers of the party were immediately criticized for the fact that a number of models do not meet the selection criteria. The American model, whose fans noticed undisguised cellulite, was also criticized.

The supermodel did not respond to unsavory reviews, but went to the sea coast, wherewith the help of special training and a certain nutrition system she put herself in order. On the advice of a doctor, Hadid followed a diet that included foods rich in protein and healthy fats. Bella deleted starchy foods from her diet. The result was not long in coming. The celebrity posted a photo in a white swimsuit on Instagram and earned over a million likes.

In 2019, she won the experiment conducted by an American plastic surgeon. The essence of the study was to use the formula of the golden section to calculate the face of the most beautiful girl on the planet. According to the doctor, it can be called Bella Hadid, whose figures were 94.35%.

Personal life

The personal life of the model does not standstill. The ancestors of a young R&B artist named Abel Tesfaye once came from Ethiopia. The relationship between the model and the singer was under close scrutiny by reporters. In 2015, Bella starred in a video for her boyfriend In The Night.

In early 2016, the press reported that young people broke up. Later, the lovers reunited three more times, each time breaking off the relationship due to a mismatch of work schedules and unwillingness to subordinate personal life to creativity. In addition to the standard communication with other participants of the evening, the supermodel spent a lot of time in the arms of a model from Spain John Cortaharena.

In everyday life, Bella prefers vintage jeans, jackets, which she buys dozens. The two beauties are also called twins because of their striking resemblance. Another celebrity that the supermodel looks like is former French first lady Carla Bruni. In the joint photos, they look like a mother and daughter.

Another piece of news from Hadid’s personal life appeared in the fall of 2020. The guy of the supermodel was the grandson of actor Jack Nicholson Duke. The couple lit up during a walk together in New York, and soon went on a romantic trip to celebrate the girl’s birthday. Bella herself did not comment on this information.

In July 2021, there was talk of a novel by Bella and art director Mark Kalman.

Bella Hadid now

Now Hadid not only continues his modeling career but also attends fashion events as a guest. So, in the summer of 2021, she visited the show of the new men’s collection Dior, where she met with rapper Travis Scott, one of the developers of the new collection.

In her new photoshoots, Bella returns fashion to the style of the 90s. So, in the Chrome Hearts advertising campaign, the supermodel appeared with a spectacular hairstyle, reminiscent of the styling of graduates of the late 20th century. Hairstylist Iggy Rosales worked on the image.

Bella is interested in politics. It supports Palestine, the homeland of its ancestors, in the conflict with Israel. After the aggravation of the situation in the Middle East in May 2021, Hadid posted pictures of the protest on social media and commented on them with critical remarks. The supermodel was accused of anti-Semitism, and Dior talked about the need to suspend the celebrity’s contract.

Prizes and nominations

2015 – Industry Awards in the Breakthrough of the Year: Women category

2016 – First Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards in the Model of the Year category

2016 – Industry Awards in the Model of the Year nomination

2016 – GQ Hugo Boss Man of the Year Award in the Model of the Year category

2017 – Industry Awards in the Model of the Year category

2017 – nomination for the Fashion Awards

Interesting facts

Bella’s grandmother, Princess Khairiya, and her husband, Professor Anwar Hadid, were forced to flee their homeland because of the Arab-Israeli war.

The celebrity has been practicing Islam since birth. The model is used to defend her religion from encroachments. So, after Donald Trump imposed a ban on entry into the United States to citizens of 7 Muslim countries, the model and her sister went to a rally.

At the age of 17, Hadid was convicted of driving while intoxicated. As punishment, she was sentenced to 25 hours of community service and 20 hours of visiting a group of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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