Anya Taylor-Joy | Biography, Personal life, Height & Weight, Photo 2022

Biography: Anya Taylor-Joy (April 16, 1996). Read the full biography of the celebrity. Photos, details about the family, videos, and the latest news 2022 on the portal Find out everything.

Anya Taylor-Joy | Biography, Personal life, Height & Weight, Photo 2022


Anya Taylor-Joy is an American actress and model. She became widely known for her roles in the horror films Morgan and The Witch, as well as in the psychological thriller Split.


The future actress was born in Miami, Florida, on April 16, 1996, to a family of immigrants. Her mother is a native of England and a Spaniard by blood, and her father has Argentine and Scottish roots. In addition to Ani, the couple had five children. The girl spent her childhood partly in Argentina and partly in Great Britain.

As a child, Taylor-Joy loved to dance. Her parents sent her to a ballet school, where she could have achieved great success, if not for the frequent movement of the family from one country to another. Anya could not become a real professional ballerina, but she managed to prove herself as a model. While studying in high school, the girl began to take part in various photo shoots and appeared on the covers of fashion magazines, calendars and posters, advertising the products of world-famous brands.


In early 2014, Anya Taylor-Joy decided to try her hand at acting. The debut of the 18-year-old actress was the appearance in the episode of the youth fantasy film “Vampire Academy”. It should be noted that the role was so small that the actress was not even mentioned in the captions.

Anya Taylor-Joy | Biography, Personal life, Height & Weight, Photo 2022

After this experience, Anya starred in several TV series – detective “Young Morse”, the popular action “Adventures of the Vikings”, as well as in the fantasy film “Atlantis”. Ana Taylor-Joy’s fame brought her the role of the girl Thomasina in the “Victorian” horror film “The Witch”. According to the plot, the family of pilgrims is secluded in the wilderness, away from worldly temptations. Tomasina is the eldest child and has many responsibilities, including supervising younger children. She notices that strange events are happening in the district, but no one believes the girl.

The horror turned out to be not typical at all – there were no loud screams of monsters suddenly appearing out of nowhere. The film is frightening of the immersion in the gloomy atmosphere of the features of secluded rural life and rural beliefs. Stephen King himself admitted that the film made him shiver.

The actress became a real discovery at the Sundance Film Festival, where “The Witch” was presented for the first time. After this success, the girl was noticed in Hollywood and offered a key role in the horror-thriller “Morgan”, but it did not gain popularity among critics or viewers, crashed at the box office, and received devastating reviews, despite the participation of the notorious Kate Marie and Rose Leslie.

In 2016, the girl played one of the main roles (Charlotte Bowman) in the biographical film “Barry”, which told about the student life of Barack Obama, the future president of the United States. The premiere took place at the Toronto International Film Festival. Unfortunately, this film did not get into Russian cinemas.

In 2017, Anya Taylor-Joy was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Rising Star and the London Film Critics Circle Award for Young British / Irish Artist of the Year, but in both cases, she failed to win awards. The premiere of the psychological thriller “Split” was scheduled for March 2017 in Russia (the picture was released in the United States in September), where her partner on the set was the famous British actor James McAvoy and the young Hailey Lou Richardson.

The plot was reminiscent of “The Incredible Story of Billy Milligan” and “The Collector” at the same time: a young man, in whose brains two dozen people, diametrically different, get along, kidnaps three girls.

In 2017, the drama “Purebreds” (one of the last films starring the late Anton Yeltsin) and the thriller “Brain Bone” (in the Russian box office “Abode of Shadows”) were finally released.


Almost nothing is known about the personal life of the young actress. Anya Taylor-Joy is still very young and doesn’t seem to see the need to build a serious relationship yet. In 2017, she was credited with a relationship with Irish actor Owen McKen, but at the moment, it seems, the heart of the actress is free.

In an interview, the girl admitted that she loves coffee and truffles, and every day begins with dancing – which makes itself known as ballet past.


In the fall of 2020, Netflix launched the series “Queen’s Move”, the main role in which went to Ana. The plot of the TV project tells the story of a young chess player Beth Harmon. She has every chance to become the greatest grandmaster in history, but at the same time, she has to fight her demons – drug addiction and alcoholism.

After the premiere, the demand for Taylor-Joy’s participation in film projects increased, although it was still quite high. The list of expected films in which Anya has recently acted has significantly expanded: in 2021 the premiere of “Last Night in Soho” is expected, and in 2023 the release of “Furious” and “The Northerner” is planned. Taylor-Joy will also appear in the next film adaptation of the novel “Camera Obscura” – Laughter in the Dark.

Anya Taylor-Joy is the perfect example of a skilled actor who has been able to excel in both film and television. With over 30 acting credits under her belt, she’s most notably known for playing Polaris opposite Josh Brolin’s Thanos on “Avengers: Infinity War.”

The harsh world that Anjelica Huston plays through so well might be familiar territory – but it isn’t without its surprises! Find out what you didn’t know about this actress below…

She has not one, but triple nationality

The actress Taylor-Joy was born in Miami, Florida but spent part of her childhood abroad. At the age six, she moved with her family to London and has often said that when younger “I didn’t really feel like I fit anywhere. Too English for Argentina or too Argentinean making me American?”

Unfortunately, she was bullied at school in London

When the star was younger, she tells London’s Evening Standard that kids would compare her to a fish and say things like “my eyes are really far apart—that’s why.” The child also said they locked themselves in lockers because their classmates wouldn’t invite them anywhere.

It sounds as if being different is what made these young people suffer at school – but now it could be worse!

Spanish is her first language

When asked why she only spoke Spanish while in London, the actor said that it is because of her desire to go back home.

She is a model

Taylor-Joy started off as a model before being cast in “MAD MAX – Fury Road” (2015). She was discovered by the same scout who turned Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne into top models, which is why she’s no stranger to success!

She is also a ballerina

She told me that her training as a dancer actually really helped her because she saw it like dance choreography for your fingers and I’m good at remembering steps.

Actually relates to The Queen’s Gambit role

Taylor-Joy started off as a model before being cast in “MAD MAX – Fury Road” (2015). She was discovered by the same scout who turned Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne into top models, which is why she’s no stranger to success!

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