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Anna was born in November 1976 in Baltimore. There were no actors or artists in the family of the future star. Dad is a sociologist and professor at the University of Washington, and mom is a teacher at a Baltimore high school. Multinational blood flows in Ferris’s veins. The actress’s mother is of German origin. And in the family, there are French, English, Scots, and Irish.

Real Name Anna Kay Faris
Nick Name Anna
Other Name Anna Faris-Indra
Anna Faris-Pratt
Profession Actress, podcaster, and writer
Ethnicity Not Known
Marital Status Married
Husband Name Ben Indra (m. 2004; div. 2008)​
Chris Pratt ​(m. 2009; div. 2018)​
Michael Barrett ​(m. 2021)
Children 1
Physical Status 
Age 44 Years
Height (Approx.) 5 feet 4 inches
Weight (Approx.) 56 kg
Measurement (Approx.) Not Known
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Personal Information
Date of Birth 29 November 1976
Birth Place Baltimore, Maryland, U.S
Zodiac sign Not Known
Religion Not Known
Nationality American
School Name Not Known
College Name University of Washington
Qualifications Graduate
Family Profile
Father Name Not Known
Mother Name Not Known
Siblings Name Not Known
Source Of Income  Acting
Appeared In  Movies and Serials
Net Worth $ 20 million

When the daughter was 6 years old, the family moved to Edmonds. Already in elementary school, she showed a lot of artistry, which found warm support from her parents. The young actress appeared on the stage of the Seattle Theater, playing the first role.

As a teenager, the girl appeared in a yogurt ad. During this period, she already boasted several roles in performances.

However, after graduating from school, Anna Faris decided to get a serious university education. She entered the University of Washington and chose the Faculty of Humanities.

Anna Faris Career

The art world continued to entice the girl. At first, she got episodes and minor roles, but the skill grew, and this circumstance did not go unnoticed by the directors.

The year 2000 marked a breakthrough in the actress’ career. Keenan Ivory Wayans’ black comedy “Very Scary Movie” blew up. It premiered in July and instantly turned Ferris into a Hollywood star. In the box office, this parody project raised more than $ 270 million with a budget of $ 19 million. For the film, a girl, a natural blonde, was repainted as a brunette.

The deafening success of the project forced the director to return to the film and shoot two sequels. They came out under the same name in 2001 and 2003 and also received a warm welcome and generous fees.

During these years, new films by Anna Faris were released, among which the comedies “Chicken”, “Just a holiday of some kind!” and Sofia Coppola’s drama “Difficulties of Translation.” Perhaps in the filmography of the star – this is the only dramatic role. Despite the excellent acting, the directors rarely “saw” the actress in a tragic role, so most often Anna is trusted with comedic roles. In fairness, it is worth noting that the girl reappeared in the drama, however, only in the episode. This is the famous painting “Humpback Mountain” about the tragic love of two cowboys.

The vocation of the artist is to make people laugh, which she brilliantly copes within subsequent projects. In the famous sitcom “Friends”, she played a charming naive blonde Eric, who is carrying a child for Chandler and Monica. After the release of the series with her participation, the actress gained a new wave of popularity.

In 2005, the incendiary comedy “Big Harvest” was released, in which the actress in a duet with Ryan Reynolds entertained the audience, enjoying eating muffins with hashish. In the same year, she reappears in the same picture with the future Deadpool called “Just Friends”.

In 2007, the lovely blonde entertained the audience in the romantic film “Boys like it”, where she appeared in a seductive pink bunny costume.

The charm of the actress is noticed by directors, viewers and publishers of glossy magazines. The beauty appears on the covers of “Cosmopolitan”, “Raygun” and, of course, “Playboy”.

Cosmopolitan magazine in 2010 called the actress “the funniest and most fearless woman of the year.” Another authoritative tabloid, The New Yorker, agreed with the publication.

In 2013, the premiere of the sitcom “Mommy” began, starring Anna Faris and Allison Jenny. The project lasted until the 5th season, the last series of which was shown in May 2018.


In 2009, the black comedy “Typecool garde” was released. Here, Anna played a wonderful slutty girl Brandi, the secret love of the protagonist of the film. The actress also got one of the main roles in the film “Take me home”, which appeared in 2011. Wendy Franklin was great in her performance.

Did you have a new comedy the same year? “, which quickly became popular. Here, Anna played the main character Ellie Darling, who read in a magazine that women who had more than 20 lovers can not find true love.

Fans of the actress liked and activist Zoin her performance – the comedy “Dictator”, released in 2012, also became quite popular. And in 2013 a new film “I give a year” was released, where Anna played Chloe.

That same year, one of the most popular American channels began broadcasting the sitcom “Mommy”, where Anna Faris plays a single mother who managed to overcome her addiction to drugs and alcohol. This series is very popular among viewers.


Actress Anna Faris first appeared on the screen in 1991. In the film “Deception: The Secret of Mothers”, she got a small role for Liz. Then in 1996, she played Children in the movie “Eden”.

But the most successful of her first works in the film “Alley of Lovers”, which appeared in 1999. In this gloomy story, when a freed maniac starts hunting for the

During her career, Anna Faris has been nominated for various awards many times. In particular, in 2001 she was nominated for two awards at once for her work in the film “Very Scary Movie”: “Best Kiss” and “Women’s Breakthrough”. And for her role in the comedy “Such Boys,” the actress received the nomination “Best Comedy Role”.

As for the awards, in 2007 the actress was awarded the prestigious “Stone” award. And in 2012, at the CinemaCon award ceremony, Anna was named “Comedy Star of the Year.” Many critics support the talented actress and predict a great future for her in the comedy genre.


In fact, Anna is also a producer (the film “How Much Do You Have?”). The actress is involved in scoring cartoons.In 2009, she voiced Sam Sparks in the cartoon “Cloudy, possible precipitation in the form of cutlets.” By the way, in 2013 she also worked on the sequel to the cartoon “Cloudy, possible precipitation: revenge on GMOs.” And in the famous movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks-2” it is her voice says Janet.

By the way, the actress regularly appears in the rankings of the most beautiful, sexy and desirable women on the planet. And some critics call her the most original and extraordinary comedian in Hollywood. And of course, the star has repeatedly appeared on the covers of the most popular American publications, including some men’s magazines.

Personal life

Anna met her first great love during the filming of “Alley of Lovers” in 1999. In the summer of 2004, the couple played a wedding. But the family idyll did not last long: in 2007, the actress announced that she had filed for divorce, explaining the separation by “irreconcilable differences.” The beauty became free from marriage in 2008.

However, for the divorce, she had to pay Ben substantial compensation, the amount of which almost reached a million dollars.

Anna Faris’ personal life quickly improved. She met her partner back in 2007 when she announced her separation from Indra. And again a new love overtook the star on the set of another picture. Actor Chris Pratt starred with Anna in the melodrama “Take Me Home.”

In early 2009, the couple got engaged. In the summer of the same year, they played a wedding. The baby – Jack’s firstborn – was born in the summer of 2012. The son of the lovers was born 9 weeks ahead of schedule. The baby spent the first month in neonatal intensive care.

After filming in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the man surpassed his wife in popularity. Despite this, Chris adored Anna and in each interview did not cease to admire his beloved as a wife, mother and actress.

However, in August 2017, Faris and Pratt announced that they had decided to divorce after 8 years of marriage. The husband and wife posted a photo on their pages, which was an appeal to fans on Instagram. The report said that the couple still loves each other, but can not keep the marriage. On December 1 of that year, Pratt filed for divorce.

Immediately after the announcement of the former lovers about the breakup, the public began to speculate as to why the couple, who was considered one of the most exemplary in Hollywood, broke up. The assumption about Chris’ affair with Jennifer Lawrence’s partner in the film “Passengers” was not left out either. Allegedly, as part of the promotion of the picture, the artists spent a lot of time together, and it was not in vain.

According to a different version, Anna also had high ambitions in her career. But while her husband went on set, the actress had to sit at home with the child. After all, after the birth of a baby, she retired from work for a while. As a result, the couple began to move away from each other.

For a long time, it was rumored that Faris really wanted a big family and many children, and Chris Pratt thought only about a career. But, while still married, the artist told reporters that the birth of a baby was a happy event in a man’s life. However, Anna’s pregnancy was difficult, so the couple is unlikely to decide on a second child.

After the divorce, Faris said she should rethink the institution of marriage. The woman no longer saw the point in the official registration of the relationship, because both marriages of the actress ended in failure.

In late 2017, it became known that the actress began dating cameraman Michael Barrett. The couple met during the filming of “Overboard”.

Anna Faris now

The husband zealously supported his beloved’s idea of ​​writing memoirs. The woman enjoyed spending the evenings discussing ideas with Chris.

In the publication, the actress first commented on rumors about the actor’s affair with Jennifer Lawrence. Anna shared that she was friends with Jen, and she even apologized for the gossip, although she was not guilty of anything. Faris admitted that it was hard to hear about her husband’s infidelity, even knowing it wasn’t.

In “Unqualified” Anna honestly said that after the release of the comedy “Boys like it” she did lip and breast augmentation.

In August 2017, the actress appeared at the premiere of the animated film “Emoji Film”, where she voiced Jailbreak. The actress was accompanied by her son Jack.

In May 2018, a remake of the movie “Overboard” will be released. In the new version of the comedy, which has become a classic, the main characters will change places. Actor Eugenio Derbez will play a spoiled rich playboy who will fall overboard. But Anna Faris will appear as a single mother and convince a man that he is the husband of a woman and the father of children.

Net worth

The award-winning actress has a net worth, which is placed at $ 20 million. Actress, comedian, model, and other things, her main source of income – her acting career. It was reported that from her role in Mom, the actress earns as much as $ 125,000 per episode. The financial consequences of her divorce from Chris Pratt are unknown.


After the success of the film “Scary Movie”, the actress was invited to other projects. In fact, there are many paintings in which Anna Faris appears. The filmography of the actress includes the horror film “May”, released in 2002. Here, Anna got the role of Polly, a friend of the protagonist.

In the same year, the actress received the role of the April comedy “Chick”. Anna also played Kelly in the famous melodrama “Lost in Translation”, where she was able to prove herself as a more serious actress. And in 2004, Anna gets a small role in the cult series “Friends” – here for five series she plays Eric, who agreed to become a surrogate mother for Chandler and Monica. Participation in such a popular project added popularity to the young actress. In 2006, Anna appeared on screen as Hannah Lewis in “My Super Success.” And in 2007 she got a small role as a dealer in the adventure comedy “Laughter”.

There are other photos in which Anna Faris took part. Her filmography also includes the TV series “Beautiful”, where the actress got a small role in the role of Cameo. She also starred in the drama “Mother’s Son” (second role).

And the role of Shelley Darlington, the Playboy magazine model in the comedy “Such Guys” made the actress even more popular. Here Anna played a wonderful naive, silly girl, who quite unexpectedly had to face the strange and incomprehensible world of ordinary students.

2000 – “Very scary movie”

2001 – “Very scary movie 2”

2002 – “Chick”

2003 – “Very scary movie 3”

2004 – “Friends”

2005 – “Just friends”

2006 – “Very scary movie 4”

2008 – “Boys like it”

2011 – “Take me home”

2011 – “How much do you have?”

2013 – “I give a year”

2013—2017 – “Mommy”

2018 – “Overboard”


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