Amy Adams Biography | Age, Wiki, Career, Husband | Net Worth & Family

Amy Adams Biography | Age, Wiki, Career, Husband | Net Worth & Family

Here we describe Amy Adams Biography, Family, Shoes Size, Kids, Age, Weight, Children, Lifestyle, Wiki, Net Worth, Body Measurements, Height,   Dress Size, Dating History, Boyfriends, Husband, Daughter, Father, Son,   Facts,  Salary, Favorite Things, Movies & More.

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Biography of Amy Adams

Amy Lou Adams is a Hollywood actress known to viewers for the films “Brutal Games-2”, “Catch Me If You Can”, “June Beetle”, “Enchanted”, “Doubt”, “Under the Cover of Night”, “Batman vs. Superman” and many others.

Real Name: Amy Lou Adams
Famous Name: Amy Adams
NickName: Amy
Date of Birth: August 20, 1974
Age: 47 years 3 months 0 days 19 hr 13 min 8 sec
Gender: Female
Famous For: Being a Hollywood Film Actress
Hobbies: Travelling, Music, Acting, Watching Movies, Reading, and More
Religion: Christian
Nationality: American
Birth Place: Vicenza, Italy
Net Worth: Amy’s Net Worth is a maximum of $60 Million (Approx.)
Home Address: Vicenza, Italy

Amy Adams Body Measurements:

Amy Adams Biography | Age, Wiki, Career, Husband | Net Worth & Family

Bra Size: 36B
Waist Size: 32 Inches
Hip Size: 36 inches
Shoe Size: 9 (US)
Dress Size: 12 US
Chest Size: 36 inches
Body Shape: Will Update
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Childhood and family

Amy grew up in the family of US Army soldier Richard and housewife Catherine Adams. She was born on August 20, 1974, and became the middle of their seven children (she has four brothers and two sisters).

Amy Adams Biography | Age, Wiki, Career, Husband | Net Worth & Family

The actress’ hometown is Vicenza, Italy (where the military complex where her father served at the time was located). Later, they moved frequently from place to place, until in 1982 they settled in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Marital Status: Married
Husband Name: Darren Le Gallo
Father Name: Richard Adams
Mother Name: Kathryn Adams
Sister Name: Julie Adams Gabsa
Brother Name: Eddie Adams
Boyfriend Name: Darren Le Gallo
Spouse(s): Darren Le Gallo
Son’s & Daughters: Aviana Olea Le Gallo-Daughter

Children’s photo Amy Adams There is an opinion that the military has a sense of beauty. However, Pope Amy was not jokingly fond of singing, and after finishing his career in the army, he began to sing in restaurants and nightclubs. One of the most vivid childhood memories of the actress is associated with her father’s performances: she sat at a table, sipped a non-alcoholic “Shirley Temple” and listened to him sing. The large family was limited in funds, but this did not prevent them from having fun. Adams constantly went hiking, cycling together, staging plays, the script of which was usually written by his father, rarely his mother. It was their home theater that was little Amy’s favorite pastime; as a rule, she played the leading roles. At the same time the girl grew up quite bold and hello and often fought with siblings.

Amy Adams Biography | Age, Wiki, Career, Husband | Net Worth & Family

Amy in childhood and adolescence The family idyll collapsed in 1985: Richard and Catherine divorced, the father moved to Arizona and remarried, and the children remained living with their mother in Castle Rock. After the break, Catherine became interested in bodybuilding and began to spend all her free time in the gym, where she took the children.

Searching for a vocation

In high school, Amy had little interest in science, but was the first in everything related to creativity and sports: she sang in the school choir, did ballet and gymnastics. Intending to become a professional ballerina, she went to the David Taylor Choreographic School.

Amy Adams Biography | Age, Wiki, Career, Husband | Net Worth & Family

After graduating from school, she moved with her family to Atlanta. To her parents’ great sorrow, Amy did not want to go to college. She still entertained herself with the hope of a great future in ballet, but by the age of 18 it became clear to her that she was not gifted enough to do so.

Amy without makeup Then she turned her attention to the local musical theater. One of the first productions with her participation was the musical “Annie”, however, she was not paid a penny for participation. In parallel with rehearsals, she worked as a “doorman” in the Gap store, and in the evenings served guests of the restaurant Hooters. This network is famous for accepting only sexy and sociable girls as waitresses. Like her colleagues, Amy Adams had to flaunt the restaurant in a short skirt and endure the harassment of visitors. After raising money for an old car, she resigned.

In 1994, she got a job as a dancer at a dinner theater (a theater-restaurant with a “light” repertoire such as musicals and comedies) in Boulder. Amy liked to sing and dance, but the owners demanded that she also serve the tables. One day, her colleague lied to the owner of the institution that she was spreading vile rumors about the management. So she lost this job but got a similar job at the Denver Dinner Theater.

1997: Amy plays a pig at a Minneapolis “lunch theater” Amy worked until 1998. This experience gave her a lot in terms of creative development, but negatively affected her physical condition: the actress had joint problems. “My body was completely worn out,” Adams recalled.

The first roles in the movie

While working in Minneapolis, Amy got her first role in a movie. It was a satirical black and white short film “Chrome Hook”. She was then cast as a cheerleader in the black comedy Killer Beauties starring Kirsten Dunst and Kersti Ellie. The latter praised Amy’s work, and she, inspired by the words of an experienced colleague, in January 1999 moved to the capital of cinema – Los Angeles.

Amy Adams Biography | Age, Wiki, Career, Husband | Net Worth & Family

Amy Adams’ first role in a big movie (“Killer Beauties”) She got her first serious role a week after moving, in the prequel to the sensational drama “Brutal Games”. Her heroine started the “bitch” period of Amy’s film career: Catherine Mertey, a rich and arrogant girl who heads a secret society of students who poisons newcomers, intrigues, and who has feelings for her half-brother Sebastian. In the first film, this heroine was played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Amy did not avoid constant comparisons with her, and in general, the film was much inferior to the first part.

Amy in the movie “Brutal Games-2” After there were roles in the comedy slasher “Beach Psychosis”, guest participation in the popular series “Show of the 70’s”, “Enchanted”, “Buffy”, “Mysteries of Smallville”, “West Wing”.

In her youth, Amy starred in the popular TV series “Buffy”. The young actress earned praise from critics after participating in the drama “Catch Me If You Can” by Steven Spielberg. According to them, Amy Adams, who played the naive and frivolous nurse Brenda Strong, the protagonist’s friend, kept up with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. “This work just tremendously increased confidence in me,” – said the actress.

“Catch Me If You Can”: Amy Adams as Brandi Strong But for some reason, there was no grand “acceleration” of her career. Hope for a quick change came when in 2004 she became an actor in the series “Doctor Vegas”, but her heroine was removed from the plot after a few episodes.


The long-awaited breakthrough came in 2005 when Amy Adams landed one of the key roles in Phil Morrison’s low-budget independent drama The June Beetle. She needed to transform into a pregnant optimist Ashley, who lives in the house of her husband’s parents. Relationships in the family begin to deteriorate, but she believes that soon the birth of a child will return everything to normal.

Amy Adams Biography | Age, Wiki, Career, Husband | Net Worth & Family

Amy Adams was nominated for an Oscar for her role in “June Beetle” The director was impressed by her ability not to look for hidden reasons for optimism and altruism of her heroine – her good deeds came from the heart. For this role, Amy was nominated for an Oscar in the category of “Best Supporting Actress”, but the statuette that year was awarded to Rachel Weins for her role in “Devoted Gardener”. Blitz poll: 73 questions Amy (Russian subtitles) This did not upset the actress: “This summer, during the filming, I jumped myself.” By the way, for this role, she first painted in red and decided not to return to its natural light color.

Since then, she remains faithful to the color red. Another noteworthy line in the filmography of Amy Adams – Kevin Lima’s fairy-tale musical “Enchanted” in 2007. She was chosen from 300 applicants. Each of the tried-and-true girls was like a Disney princess, as the creators demanded, but only Amy had “the ability to get to the heart of the character, to get used to it, without judging.” And although the producers wanted to see Princess Giselle as the top star, Lima insisted on Amy’s candidacy, risking being excluded from the project.

Amy Adams in the film “Enchanted” The beginning of the film was drawn: the heroine Amy lives in a fairy-tale world and prepares for a wedding with the prince (James Marsden), but through the witch’s tricks gets to the real New York, where he finds love again in the face of a divorce lawyer. Patrick Dempsey). Once again, the audience was fascinated by her inexhaustible optimism, which flows from each line of her heroine.

Amy Adams Biography | Age, Wiki, Career, Husband | Net Worth & Family

In the image of Princess Giselle In addition, the soundtrack of the film includes three songs performed by her: “True Love’s Kiss”, “Happy Working Song” and “That’s How You Know”. “Enchanted” has grossed more than $ 300 million worldwide, and Amy Adams herself received a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy / Musical. Amy Amads – Happy Working Song After a series of undeniable successes, Amy was flooded with lucrative offers. In 2007, she played an assistant congressman in the political tragicomedy Charlie Wilson’s War starring Tom Hanks. The film was disliked by critics, who openly said they were disappointed with the way Amy Adams was “wasting her talent on such unnecessary projects.” But the next role, in the comedy melodrama “Miss Pettigrew”, was called a wonderful repetition of the magic that flowed with the screen in “Enchanted

Amy Adams is not frightened to be natural In 2008, in tandem with Emily Blunt, she awestruck the audience of the Sundance Independent Film Festival in the film “Clean to Shine”, which told the story of two sisters who own a cleaning agency that cleans crime scenes. Many critics have noted that after the “June Beetle” in her work came to a new milestone – now she is often used in the role of “engineer” – innocent, full of optimism and hope of the girls. “Simplicity and naivety are not nonsense, innocent people are often very confused,” Amy said. Her appearance in the drama “Doubts” with Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman went unnoticed. Amy Adams was nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA Award for her role as a nurse in a Catholic school involved in a conflict between a strict principal and a priest suspected of pedophilia.

A scene from the drama “Doubt” The new decade was marked by the lead role in the romantic comedy “How to get married in 3 days” with Matthew Hood. According to the famous critic Richard Royper, “only the presence of Amy Adams saved the film from failure” (meanwhile, viewers appreciated the film quite highly).

Amy Adams and Matthew Hood on the set of “How to Get Married in 3 Days” In the 2010 film “Fighter” Amy once again demonstrated the versatility of her talent: in her character Charlene – an aggressive and sexy girlfriend of boxer Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg) – there is no trace from the image of “cute neighbor girl”, to which in recent years.

“Fighter”: Amy Adams as Charlene Fleming In 2013, Amy Adams got the role of Lois Lane, Superman’s girlfriend (Henry Cavill) from the film “Man of Steel” by Zach Snyder. Interestingly, before that, she had twice tried on this heroine in other films about Superman but was refused. In 2016, she played Loisk again in “Batman vs. Superman” and 2017 – in the “League of Justice”.

Amy Adams became Superman’s girlfriend in 2013. Since 2016, she has played one of the central characters in Tom Ford’s drama “Under the Cover of Night.” Her heroine, a wealthy gallery owner, receives in the mail a novel written by her former lover. The book, a brilliant metaphor for their tragic relationship, immerses a woman in the past.

Frame from the movie “Under the cover of night” Another high-profile project of 2016 with her participation – the thriller “Arrival”, where she had to take on a mission to save the world – to unravel the message of an alien race.

Amy Adams’ personal life

In 2001, while acting, Amy Adams met aspiring actor Darren La Gallo. A year later, after filming together in the short film “Money”, they began dating, and in 2008 reported the engagement. Darren made an offer of a hand and a heart during the filming of “Julie and Julia”.Amy Adams is married to Darren La Galle In May 2010, the couple gave birth to a daughter – Aviana Olea Le Gallo. Amy Adams Wedding Dress Remembering the difficulties at the beginning of her career, Adams supports the students of the New York film school Ghetto. She also sponsors the Trevor project, which helps LGBT teens.

In a scene from the movie “Arrival” In 2013, she released a children’s book that covers the fight against brain cancer, and all the money raised went to help cancer patients. In addition, the actress is concerned about the problem of sexual abuse of children.

Amy Adams now

In 2017, viewers again saw Amy Adams as Lois Lane in a new film from the DC Comics universe – “Justice League. Amy Adams as Lois Lane In the same year, the actress produced a series of thrillers “Sharp Objects”, in which she also played the lead role – a little-known journalist Camilla, who is tasked with investigating the murder of a little girl in her hometown.”

“Sharp Objects” – TV series Amy Adams Initially, in 2019 Amy was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the tragicomedy “Power”, produced by Brad Pitt. The film also starred Christian Bale and Sam Rockwell, who also received nominations.

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