Funny post | Funny joke post | Funny words of wisdom.

Funny post | Funny joke posts | Funny words of wisdom:

Funny post that will make your stomach hurt from laughing, and you will use meaningful words such as “this is the same me” or “explained my whole life”. There are some words that I could not write about Funny post because they were not enough for the title. They are the pathetic ones, you can cry at them.

Funny Post and jokes that will make you die laughing:

His joke is dying of laughter

A prospective teacher asked: If they had to choose you between mind and money, what would you choose? The student said that I will choose the money. The teacher said: As for me, I will choose the mind. The student said: In the name of Allah, my teacher, everyone chooses what is missing.

The teacher asks a student why the sun is not visible when it rains, and the student answers so that the sun does not get wet.

Firstly, In Funny Post, The judge said to his friend: There is no security in the world, so expect something from him, man.

Secondly, The professor asked the students what they thought about the exam questions, and one of them said that the questions were very easy but difficult to answer.

Thirdly, and most importantly In Funny Post, Her daughter’s mother asked what is the difference between an elephant and a donkey, and the girl replied that the tail of the elephant is from the front, but the tail of the donkey is from the back.

Someone says to his friend, the doctor advised me to take some garlic to lose weight, and his friend replied: Have you lost weight? He said no, the number of my friends decreased.

His best joke is to die laughing at the miserable person. It is said that two horses are betting on me. Those who stay underwater longer will invite the other to dinner and no one has come down yet. That.

Moreover, in Funny Post, A suspect killed a person and was arrested and the judge asked him why he killed the man with a pistol? The defendant replied with great sadness because my situation is very difficult and I cannot take up arms.

A man asked his stingy nephew, “When are you going to have lunch?” Said.

A miserable man tells his friend that his luck is very bad and his friend answers, why? He replied by saying that the pharmacy next to us had a discount and that we did not have any sick one.

Bakhil built a hospital and saw many people enter it, so he turned the hospital into a restaurant.

His Funny joke dies of laughter in public

In Funny Post, The stingy opened a candy store, Funny posted an advertisement in the newspaper and demanded employees with diabetes.

Firstly, in a funny joke post, Someone wanted to tell his brother once that his brother died without shocking him, your husband said to him, “I will marry you, the guardian” said to him: Oh my God, I see him in a dead Ali, he said, so they entered him, man.

Mesaitil dragon, someone is sitting with a match and cannot meet him with a match. The first said to him, “Try one over the other, be brave”, how are you? ? I’m still a little obsessed!

Secondly, in a funny joke post, A Gulf man came to shave at an Egyptian barber, who came out, why? Because all the barber says: How good is it? Al-Khaliji answers him: For God’s sake, I have not failed.

Someone who saw him sitting next to a rock and holding a bat with his Funny Post: seeing a rat wearing a sheet, destroying your home for the first time!!

Moreover, in Funny Post miserable person said to his children: I will sleep without a home to get a dinar.

Police: Madam Ma Basir, you were on foot in the same month.

Al-Madam: Medicine, why have I owned my field so many times?

However, in a funny joke post, Someone once told me that I wanted to see you without makeup and told him why I had to get hurt and he wanted to let me go on a sheet. huh

Abu Ahmed is dead, why was he killed? The plane he said he was traveling on crashed and everyone in it died, and it was his second voyage.

A poor person I met with a Shehadeh said to him: For God’s sake do me a favor, he prayed for two days right after he stole the bread and said it tasted different.

His Funny joke dies from a short laugh 

In Funny Post, Like Misri, his father died. He walked into the funeral, he calls the funeral “Fadia Man”.

A teacher says to a student, add the word (minus) to a sentence: Minus, you say too.

Someone said to his fiancee, “You were milk … you were cream … you were milk … or I’ll tell you you were a whole cow.” Said.

In this Funny Post, Farah’s business school principal handed out residence numbers to the honorees.

He once picked up a bulb of nails that struck him against al-Hittite.

Unfortunately, I’m marrying a miser who brought a piggy bank to his daughter.

When a Bedouin realized that leather was in vogue, he walked naked.

XNUMX. a loving surprise as she divorced him on their wedding anniversary.

A Bedouin was walking along the border.

A bastard once went to the tombs and landed in a sweet life bar.

His Funny joke dies of laughter, drunk in Funny Post.

A crowd stoned in high school will see the results, encounter his own residue, choking with his mother, he said in the last two days that the length of the year is a game rule and a rule, but he is calling for me.

A stonemason asked if a fox stonecutter had spawned, the fox told him that he was cunning and that we should expect something from him.

In Funny Post, A girl obsessed with her mother bought her a carton of milk and put it in the kitchen, writing on her paper the milk she nursed when I was young and the only thing we ever finished.

He has been eating bread and hot pepper at a stony grocery store for 5 years The devil came to him and said, Look, dog boy, there is something from both, change the food, name God before you eat.

One of the best people asked? Salih said because he was generous to them and gave water to everyone. They asked him who was good, he said I don’t know, but he always read drinking water.

Funny jokes posts

Agouza took the literacy test, so she asked her to name me an animal with the letter “Thaal” and she replied “Zabiha”.

Someone had fallen a bit of snow and was getting his hands on it, so his brother asked him why are you doing this? He told her to let me know where the water is coming from.

A teacher asked his student, “What materializes if the Mediterranean and the Red Sea mix?” He asked. The student answered, “The pink sea is coming out.”

The science teacher asked his student what is the use of ears. A very clever student answered him and said, “I am resting on your glasses.”

A woman says to her husband, “I wish my darling would go back to the way it was before.” Her husband divorced her and she went back to her bachelor days.

Valentine’s Day is the same as Eid al-Adha, but the sheep are different.

A man took three oranges, cut the first orange, and found it rotten, so he threw it away, then cut the second orange as well and found it rotten, so he threw it out, then turned off the light and cut the third orange and ate it.

Funny posts words of wisdom

He asked his friend Thrace: He has wings, he cannot fly, he has a sting, he cannot sting, he has a comb and cannot make honey. The Thrace

native replied: – Let me sting, let the bee 🙂

– One day, the British, the French, and Temel got on the same plane. Basic: – You again, he said 🙂

In Funny Post, His grandson asked his grandmother,

“Grandma, did you get electricity from my grandfather while you were getting married to my grandfather? Grandma replied:

– No, baby, there was no electricity in our time, there was a kerosene lamp 🙂

– The foundation fell from a 60-story skyscraper. When he said 50-40-20-10-5-4-3-2 when he came to the first floor, he thought: – Thank God. If I came to this floor without dying, even if I fell from the 1st floor, I wouldn’t die 🙂

– A man asked Basic:

– Why do you Black Sea people answer every question with a question? Basic answered:

– Ula, why would you ask? 🙂

– All the Black Sea security forces were mobilized to catch an escaped thief. 2 profiles and 1 passport photo of the thief were distributed. Two days later, an e-mail came from the Samsun police, “We caught 2 of the thieves, we are about to catch 1 of them” 🙂

In another Funny Post, A child was constantly attending classes by hanging his head from the window of the classroom. The teacher asked one day. He said why are you listening to the lessons by looking out the window. The child said I am the cover-up, I teach the school from outside.

Basic went to the shoe store to buy a new shoe. While he is about to pay for the shoe he likes and leave, the seller says, “Keep in mind, Mr. Temel, the shoes may be a little tight in the first week, since they are new.” On top of that, Temel said: “Well then, I won’t wear it for the first week either” 🙂

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